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February 1989


Wyoming is perhaps one of the most liberal and unique states of the fifty states on compensation for game and trophy game animal damage. Trophy game animals as defined by statute in Wyoming includes the Cougar (Mt. Lion), Black Bear, and the Grizzly Bear. According to statute Wyoming is responsible for damages incurred by these species to livestock, land, crops, improvements, and extraordinary grasses. Since the statutes were enacted Wyoming has been faced with a variety of complaints and damage claims caused by these species. Damage complaints received by the Department have covered a broad spectrum, ranging from the stockman losing livestock to the everyday housewife with a black bear coming onto her back porch to eat the dog's food.

This paper illustrates methods, budgetary requirements, and manpower that the Wyoming Game and Fish Department uses to alleviate or reduce damage, investigate complaints, and to compensate for damages incurred by trophy game animals in Wyoming.