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April 1995


Based on a survey of 97 wildlife damage management professionals (60% response rate of 161 mailed questionnaires), field, research, and administrative personnel felt that the top 3 current wildlife damage management (WDM) research needs were: development of more effective and efficient techniques of damage assessment, effectiveness of education and conflict resolution programs on WDM issues, and repellent/aversive techniques. Respondents indicated that human dimensions research related to effectiveness of public education and conflict resolution would be the highest future research need. Large and small mammals were identified as key species groups needing research with preventive methods and aversive agents as practices needing research. Respondents also identified deer (Odocoileus spp.), elk (Cervus elaphus), pronghorn (Antilocapra americana), sheep (Ovis spp.), and ground nesting birds as prey species that should receive research focus. Coyotes (Canis latrans) were the prevalent predator species identified with high research needs.