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April 1995


Nine types of footsnares were tested on captive coyotes (Canis latrans) at the United States Department of Agriculture Predator Research Facility. Preliminary results indicate that the E-Z Lee, Nelson, Freemont, and Godwin leg snares can be effective in restraining coyotes while causing only minor leg injuries. Additional testing will be required to determine the effectiveness of these devices in different field situations. Four types of coyote leg-hold traps were evaluated to determine the injuries they inflict on captured coyotes. The No. 3 1/2 McBride padded trap caused the least injury in comparison to 3 other trap models that were tested. Available data on injuries associated with different traps will assist in determining what types of capture devices meet standards set by the International Organization for Standardization. The potential implementation of International Trap Standards will most likely determine the future use of traps and snares in much of the world. Wildlife managers should continue to search for improvements if they desire to maintain the use of traps in the future.