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April 1995


Wyoming's legislation funding predator control has progressed from a bounty system, to a mill levy system, to the current fee assessment per head. The Wyoming Department of Agriculture administers an M-44 predator control program for private and commercial applicators' use with livestock depredators. As predatory impacts on livestock have increased, use of M- 44 has also broadened. The M-44 is a mechanical device utilizing a spring-activated ejector, that propels the dry toxicant sodium cyanide into the mouth of the target species when pulled. Death of the animal is accomplished by inhalation of hydrogen cyanide which forms when sodium cyanide comes into contact with saliva. Wider use of the M-44 device and increasing skill of applicators is steadily increasing the take of predators. Successful use of the M-44 device increases with knowledge of predator habits, use in the proper location, and use of appropriate scent for the season and area.