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Published in Proceedings of Great Plains Wildlife Damage Control Workshop, December 10, 11, and 12, 1973, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas. Edited by F. Robert Henderson.


Predator damage control is an area of concern to the livestock producer. He is also often the most likely person to choose sport hunting of coyotes as a recreational activity. Sport hunting of problem coyotes can be an effective tool.

Agricultural producers want to know the skills to control depredating wildlife. A high powered rifle, traps, and various related equipment are standard for most livestock production operations.

Through the Extension effort we attempt to help the producer develop wildlife damage control skills. It is also our responsibility to help develop alternatives to aid the livestock producer with persistent wildlife damage problems. The Kansas Card Carrying Coyote Hunter Program is an innovative and thus far very effective alternative wildlife damage control tool.

The program was conceived and implemented by F. Robert Henderson, the Extension Wildlife Damage Control Specialist at KSU during 1972.