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Published in Proceedings of Great Plains Wildlife Damage Control Workshop, December 10, 11, and 12, 1973, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas. Edited by F. Robert Henderson.


The Extension Division is the off-campus arm of Kansas State University~ a land grant university functioning through 105 county Extension offices involving over 265 county Extension workers that are backed up by some 175 state and area subject matter specialists. Kansas is an agricultural state. The production of livestock in Kansas is an important industry to our state and nation.

Our predator damage control program is an educational effort directed at the goal of reducing livestock losses where possible on individual farms and ranches, in Kansas. Our program has been in existence since 1954. A very important aspect of our program is that we attempt to control damage rather than to control the predator population. We have found that coyotes eat whatever they can obtain the easiest. Seldom are more than a pair of coyotes involved in killing livestock at one place.

Coyote damage control is sometimes a livestock management problem. By being able to work closely with livestock specialists in a team effort the Extension Service is better able to encourage a practical lasting, solution.