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Great Plains Quarterly Vol. 29, No. 1, Winter 2009, pp. 000-000


Copyright 2009 by the Center for Great Plains Studies, University of Nebraska- Lincoln


No one painted the majestic mountains of Montana more splendidly than Charles M. Russell, but most of the action in his art, played out among the cowboys of the open range and the Native peoples of the Northern Plains, unfolds on the flat. Thanks to the comprehensive electronic catalogue of Russell's paintings, drawings, watercolors, models in mixed mediums, and illustrated letters available with this print publication, the reader can verify these assertions without tipping a single book off the library shelf.

Catalogues raisonnes have always stimulated the discovery of lost works and the reattribution and redating of others, and such new findings, along with the workings of the art market, have rendered these massive publications out of date almost as soon as printed. This near-instant obsolescence has finally been defeated by on-line technology, which also facilitates a host of additional benefits, many of which can be enjoyed in this publication. One can search this catalogue by title, date, collection, medium, and provenance; trace the compositional evolution of a specific subject; review every work from a single year; and examine from afar all the Russells (bronzes excepted) in a particular collection. Unlike the weighty multi-volume catalogue raisonne of yore, this one is as easily portable as a laptop computer.