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Fall 2008


Great Plains Quarterly Volume 28, Number 4, Fall 2008, pp. 337-338.


Copyright 2008 by the Center for Great Plains Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Painter and sculptor Rosie Sandifer, native of Lubbock, Texas, past resident of Colorado, arid present resident of New Mexico, penned her own memoir, "Language of Art," the principal text of this book. Her modest eight-page autobiography skips from chronological outline to assessment of favored artists, teachers, and museums, to appreciation for parental lessons which, in the author's words, inspired her "discipline, drive, and direction." Two shorter opening essays by Tuck Langland, a sculptor, and Robin Salmon, curator of sculpture at Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina, carefully guide Sandifer into her artistic niche as a figurative sculptor. There is no independent voice for her painting.

Sandifer's biography recreates in part the century-old relationship between artistic centers in Colorado and New Mexico and artists from the Great Plains. But her development unfolded in other regions as well, and her art work bears this diversity. Other than a few coincidences of subject matter, Sandifer's works only tangentially exhibit a sense of Great Plains or Rocky Mountain regionalism.