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Published in GREAT PLAINS QUARTERLY 25:4 (Fall 2005). Copyright © 2005 Center for Great Plains Studies, University of Nebraska–Lincoln.


For readers seeking historically accurate images of the members of the Lewis and Clark expedition, look no further. Every possible curiosity you could have regarding their clothing, equipment, and weapons will be satisfied by Lewis and Clark, Tailor Made, Trail Worn: Army Life, Clothing, and Weapons of the Corps of Discovery. National Park historian Robert J. Moore Jr. and artist Michael Haynes have combined their formidable talents to produce the definitive visual account of the expedition, focusing not only on Lewis and Clark, but also on the soldiers they led, the French-Canadian contract boatmen who accompanied the Corps as far as Mandan, North Dakota, and the expedition's other (and arguably more famous) members such as Sacagawea, Clark's slave York, and Lewis's Newfoundland dog, Seaman.