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Fall 2010


Great Plains Quarterly 30:4 (Fall 2010).


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In the last decade, Great Plains Quarterly has taken the lead in soliciting and publishing articles about the African American experience in the Central Plains. Editors Bruce A. Glasrud and Charles A. Braithwaite have incorporated these articles into a single anthology that should become required reading in college history courses throughout the region. Unfortunately for readers of this journal, however, the book offers little in the way of new information about this important topic.

The editors provide a brief historiographical introduction that details the important scholarly contributions to Great Plains African American history. Although the editors' definition of the region stretches from Texas to Minnesota, the bulk of their introduction and nearly every article in the anthology is dedicated to the Central Plains of Kansas and Nebraska. The editors briefly address the differences between the Southern and Northern Plains, but generally avoid regional comparisons and analysis. Instead, they devote the bulk of this first chapter to historiography and an introduction of the fourteen articles that follow.