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February 1993


Published in Great Plains Research 3:1 (February 1993), pp. 140-141. Copyright © 1993 The Center for Great Plains Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Used by permission.


Robert W. Richmond has orchestrated a filiopietistic paean to the citizens of Kansas the hardy souls who carried their "Beecher's Bibles," fought of fthe border ruffians, broke the sod, welcomed the Texas trail drivers, healed the mind and produced oil, wheat, and airplanes in staggering quantities. But the author's obvious love for Kansas and its people does not detract from the beauty or utility of this work.

Richmond, former state archivist and former assistant director of Kansas' splendid historical society, has produced a revised edition of a work which he, Nyle Miller, and Edgar Langsdorf authored in 1961 to celebrate the Kansas Centennial. This edition offers some new textual material and many new photographs, so that everything is up to date in Kansas City.