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Great Plains Research Vol. 20 No. 2, 2010


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Michael Forsberg’s magnificent photos of land, animals, and people compelled me initially to turn page after page of Great Plains. The wonderful color images pulled me into the initial historical overview and chapter introductions by historical geographer David Wishart, field journal anecdotes by Forsberg himself, and the intensely personal essays by wildlife biologist and rancher Dan O’Brien. Ted Kooser’s foreword poetically set the tone for both the photography and the text. Forsberg and O’Brien present short pieces up front to introduce the book. Then comes a sweeping historical overview by Wishart, telling in about ten text pages and numerous historical photos how settlers from Europe in less than a century displaced Native hunters and lifeways across this vast land. The main body of the book—containing sections on the Northern Plains, the Southern Plains, and the tallgrass prairies—follows Wishart’s overview.