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Great Plains Research Vol. 20 No. 2, 2010


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A consortium of tribal bison producers, tribal and state university faculty, and business professionals defined a “brand” of Native American-raised bison that would reflect the cultural and spiritual values of American Indians and the historic relationship between American Indians and bison. Following a concept-testing market-research approach, surveys were distributed to potential producers and consumers of this “Good Buffalo.” The consumer respondents indicated that environmentally friendly production practices (89%), humane treatment of animals (82.1%), and supporting prairie restoration were very important aspects of the brand. Price was very important for only 42.7% of consumer respondents, and being raised by American Indians was very important to 28% of consumer respondents. The number of producer survey respondents was too small to present clear conclusions. However, since completion of the brand development, Native American Indian and non-Native bison producers with similar interests have formed a business and adopted the brand concepts developed.