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Spring 2011


Great Plains Research Vol. 21 No.1, 2011


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Tallgrass prairie restoration in the Upper Midwest is the focus of this guide. Its geographic area of coverage includes the eastern fifth of South Dakota and Nebraska and northeast Kansas, a region some ascribe to the eastern Great Plains. Two types of prairie restoration are dealt with: prairie reconstruction, which the authors define as creating prairie from scratch on sites where prairie plants no longer exist; and prairie remnant restoration, defined as upgrading degraded existing prairies. The book comprises five sections: "Reconstruction Planning," "Implementing Reconstruction," "Prairie Restoration and Management," "Special Cases," and "Native Seed Production." There are 16 chapters, each written by one of the four authors, an approach that leads to some duplication. For those wanting to restore prairie, this guide provides thorough coverage of all aspects of restoration ranging from seed collecting and planting to postplanting management. It is also replete with details on restoration methodology. For example, anyone seeking instruction on how to operate a seed drill will find it here. The volume is well illustrated with black-and-white photos demonstrating equipment and methods.