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Spring 2011


Great Plains Research 21.1 (2011), p 121


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This is the second volume in the History of the Prairie West Series, which focuses on the settlement of the Canadian Prairies by Ukrainian, German, Welsh, Jewish, Dutch, and other immigrants. The collection brings together twenty articles previously published in Prairie Forum grouped according to the themes of the early "opening" of the West, First Nations during the settlement era, patterns of settlement, and ethnic relations. An index greatly aids in finding common themes among the diverse topics. The collection includes articles that made important contributions to settlement history when they first appeared in Prairie Forum, such as the 1997 analysis of American immigration by Randy Widdis, R. Bruce Shepard's 1985 article on the immigration of Blacks from Oklahoma, and D.l. Hall's 1977 discussion of politician Clifford Sifton's role in Indian Affairs while a cabinet minister in the Laurier Liberal government. Other more recent articles are stimulating interjections into the conversation about the history of the Canadian Prairies.