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Fall 2012


Great Plains Research, Volume 22, Number 2, Fall 2012, pp. 207-208.


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Opening with a map of the region under study, Birds of Southwestern Nebraska proceeds, in its introduction, to a summary of the presettlement landscape and a description of the large-scale habitat changes occurring since then, along with avian responses to those changes. While crediting previous avian studies in southwestern Nebraska, often not readily available to the public, the authors note this area initially received little attention from ornithologists, who tended to focus on other biologically unique parts of the state, such as the Sandhills, forests, and Pine Ridge. The body of the book consists of a list of species reported in southwestern Nebraska, in taxonomic order, with comments on seasonal occurrence (year-round resident, migrant, breeder, winter visitor, etc.), an indication of numbers reported, species status (threatened, endangered, special conservation concern, etc.), and population changes. It is illustrated with photographs of 135 of the 363 species recorded.