Great Plains Studies, Center for


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February 1991


Published in Great Plains Research 1:1 (February 1991), pp. 173–174. Copyright © 1991 The Center for Great Plains Studies, University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Used by permission.


This book summarizes many of the modem studies on fire in the North American Great Plains, with special emphasis on the tallgrass areas. Grasslands, along with pine forests, have been the foci for much of the fire research on the North American continent. This volume summarizes a great deal of what is known about fire in tallgrass prairie and adjacent areas. It should be of interest to ecologists, systematists, agronomists, anthropologists, historians, and others whose research and teaching interests center. on the prairie. There are ten chapters written by 22 authors. The book is well edited; transitions among chapters are smooth, and errors, inconsequential. The 16 page bibliography at the conclusion of the book is important to scholars. Although the title suggests the book deals only with tallgrass, references contain information about many other grasslands as well.