Great Plains Studies, Center for


Date of this Version

February 1994


Published in Great Plains Research 4:1 (February 1994). Copyright © 1994 The Center for Great Plains Studies, University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Used by permission.


This long-awaited book lives up to its advanced billing. Quarto size, it is bound in durable blue cloth, and the paper is of high quality. The layout is uncrowded, and the print is quite legible. Spelling and grammatical errors are comparatively rare. There are 159 black-and-white photographs, three maps, and 26 tables. Preliminary sections give background and explanatory information, including a checklist of Oklahoma birds (through 1987) that follows the latest AOU edition (1983). Seasonal and regional statuses for each of the 447 species are listed, plus a color plate number where each is illustrated in the center of the book.