Great Plains Studies, Center for


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August 1991


Published in Great Plains Research 1:2 (August 1991), pp. 249–282. Copyright © 1991 The Center for Great Plains Studies, University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Used by permission.


A faunal study of the five species of Lucanidae and one species of Passalidae that occur in Nebraska is presented. All of these species are near the extreme western limit of their geographic range in North America, and five of the six species are reported from Nebraska for the first time. The treatment for each species consists of synonymy, description, general distribution, Nebraska locality records, temporal distribution in the state, remarks on identification, reference to larval descriptions when available, and information about the biology and ecology of each species when known. Distribution maps, showing the Nebraska records, are given for each species. Habitus drawings of the adult of each species as well as line drawings illustrating larval characters are provided. A key to all the Nebraska species of Lucanidae is provided.