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August 1994


Published in Great Plains Research 4:2 (August 1994). Copyright © 1994 The Center for Great Plains Studies, University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Used by permission.


This special issue of Great Plains Research was edited by Clare McKanna, Jr., and Beth R. Ritter. The issue represents a unique interdisciplinary examination of a number of current issues facing Plains Indian peoples. These issues include gaming, education, medical problems, land titles, retribalization, and cultural retention.

Initially the idea of a special issue was proposed by Beth R. Ritter. Clare McKanna, Jr., editor of Great Plains Research, decided this would be an excellent opportunity to pursue a variety of social science approaches to Native studies, and he agreed to the proposal. Together McKanna and Ritter selected possible essays for inclusion in the special issue. The essays were read by outside reviewers resulting in acceptances and rejections, and each editor revised the various articles, McKanna editing those contributions involving Ritter as an author.