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Date of this Version

October 1996


Published in Great Plains Research 6:2 (Fall 1996). Copyright © 1996 The Center for Great Plains Studies, University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Used by permission.


Weather and Climate of Nebraska is a colorful new atlas describing the seasonal variations of weather in the central High Plains. Published as the January-February 1996 issue of NEBRASKAland magazine, it can also stand alone as a general reference text. The title's layout emphasizes "Weather" over "Climate," a theme that pervades much of the atlas.

The publication contains seven major chapters plus introduction, almanac, glossary, and index. Following the Introduction, which sets the stage in Nebraska, Chapter One describes the reasons for the seasons and how seasonal variations affect the state. Chapters Two through Five highlight weather and climate features particular to each season: Chapter Two (Spring) describes severe weather and tornadoes; Chapter Three (Summer), drought and heat stress; Chapter Four (Fall), the autumnal transition from summer to winter; and Chapter Five (Winter), blizzards and types of precipitation. Following these seasonal descriptions, Chapter Six lists sources of weather and climate data and explains how these data are collected, while Chapter Seven discusses Nebraska's past climates and possible changes in the future. Geographers from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln are responsible for all the chapters except the first, which is by a geographer at Kansas State.