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February 1992


Published in Great Plains Research 2:1 (February 1992), pp. 109-116. Copyright © 1992 The Center for Great Plains Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Used by permission.


The Tenth Great Plains Wildlife Damage Control Workshop (GPWDCW) was held 15-18 April 1991 in Lincoln, Nebraska. The goal was to provide a forum for individuals involved in wildlife damage management to discuss new ideas and recent advances in ecology, technology, public education, and policy. The format allowed for interaction and exchange on current issues, damage control techniques, priority areas for research, public education, and extension activities. The GPWDCW is one of three national conferences (including the Vertebrate Pest Conference and the Eastern Wildlife Damage Control Conference) that deal specifically with wildlife damage management.

More than 250 people from 22 states and two provinces participated. Most participants were responsible for management, administration, or extension duties in federal, state, or provincial agencies, or in educational institutions. Others reported responsibilities including research, regulation, commerce, teaching, consulting, policy, and production. Most participants were involved with wildlife damage management in relation to agriculture (especially livestock, field crops, cash crops, nurseries, and fruit crops) and dealt with damage caused by predators, birds, field rodents, ungulates, and commensal rodents.