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Fall 2000


Published in Great Plains Research 10 (Fall 2000): 253-74. Copyright © 2000 The Center for Great Plains Studies, University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Used by permission.


The Latino population in the Midwest has been increasing rapidly. Latinos have been in Omaha, Nebraska, since the late 1800s. However, the development of modern meatpacking plants and a low unemployment rate have resulted in a large population of "newcomers" to the city. Latino "oldtimers" differ from newcomers in their experiences. I examine, through photo elicitation, attitudes of a selected population of Latino oldtimers toward newcomers as contextualized through segmented assimilation. Results indicate oldtimers in this sample have some misgivings about newcomers. Furthermore, I argue that downward assimilation of Latino newcomers is likely given the conditions to which they migrate.