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Fall 2001


Published in Great Plains Research 11:2 (Fall 2001). Copyright © 2001 Center for Great Plains Studies.


Contested Classrooms is a collaboration of fourteen authors, most of whom hold doctorates in either educational administration, sociology, political science, psychology, or the humanities. They represent a broad range of educational stakeholders-professors, leaders in the province-wide Alberta Teachers' Association, associates of research institutes, and administrators in the province's public school systems. Together, they contribute experience, expertise, and scholarship to the volume.

The editors' intent is "not only to increase public understanding of education and the deep social, political, and economic change occurring in Alberta, but to goad readers into action and to shape the future direction of public education." Cautioning against the seemingly unnoticed shift in the purpose of public education-and its unconscious acceptance-as a result of local and global economic, social, and technological changes, the editors aim to provide "a means by which parents, teachers, and concerned citizens can sort through the discrepant claims about public education and re-think the relationship between education and society."