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Fall 2005


Published in Great Plains Research 15:2 (Fall 2005). Copyright © 2005 The Center for Great Plains Studies, University of Nebraska – Lincoln. Used by permission.


As a "place of power" for several millennia, the Black Hills region contains a wealth of rock art, ranging from possibly Paleoindian and early Archaic examples to the carvings of members of the Custer expedition. In Storied Stone, Linea Sundstrom-a private consultant in archaeology, historic resource management, and ethnohistory with a wide range of interests and an impressive depth of knowledge of the Lakota, Cheyenne, Mandan, Hidatsa, Ponca, eastern Dakota, and other Native American cultures-has produced a major new work in which she effortlessly handles and interweaves the archaeological evidence, historical documents, and ethnographic accounts relevant to her subject and bridges the large gap between Native American and Euro-American ways of viewing places and the landscape.