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Published in Great Plains Research17:2 (Fall 2007). Copyright ©2007 Center for Great Plains Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Paleoamerican Origins is a compilation of23 papers, most of them expanded versions of presentations or posters given at "Clovis and Beyond" in Santa Fe in late October of 1999, "the greatest Ice Age American conference of the twentieth century" according to Kenneth Tankersley in his 2002 In Search of Ice Age Americans. It follows up New Perspectives on the First Americans (Lepper and Bonnichsen, 2004), a slim volume comprised of30 short, preliminary papers; eight contributors to Paleoamerican Origins also have papers in New Perspectives. Thus, these two volumes contain the published versions of about half of the conference presentations; several others are available elsewhere, as are some recollections of the conference. Not too shabby by any measure. Although he is now with us only in spirit, I think that Robson Bonnichsen, a leading expert in Paleoamerican research for four decades and to whom Paleoamerican Origins is dedicated, would be extremely pleased with the effort that his colleagues have put forth in seeing the volume through to completion.