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Published in Great Plains Research, 18:2 (Fall 2008) p. 234. Copyright © 2008 by the Center for Great Plains Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


The authors place the invasive species problem in context prior to providing species descriptions. The first three chapters offer background information on how invasive species become established, their impacts, and an overview of approaches to controlling problem species. The fourth chapter consists of a general key for identifying and locating unknown plant species. The majority of the field guide consists of profiles of individual species, including information on taxonomy, identifying characteristics, habitat, geographical range, ecological effects, introduction pathway, management strategies, and additional references. Most species are accompanied by at least two color photos, including a full view and a closeup, that illustrate identifying characteristics. The volume presents unique information not found in other books on invasive species, which tend to be either general case studies of a few species or technical monographs. The portions on ecosystem effects and management strategies are distinguishing characteristics of the book and especially useful. The authors have created a reference guide that is well written, easily understandable, and accessible for both scientists and amateurs.