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Lawrence Bruner - Pioneer Nebraska Entomologist



STAFF Row 1, L. to R. - Lloyd W. Andersen, Nina Jeffrey, Aline N. Bare, Esther A. Schock, Calvin M. Jones, Robert E. Roselle, Roscoe E. Hill. Row 2, L. to R. - Arthur F. Hagen, Kenneth P. Pruess, Terrance L. Dukes, Ahmed M. Kadoum, S. Dean Kindler, Robert Staples, Harold J. Ball. Row 3, L. to R. - Donald E. Lawson, Gerald T. Weekman, George R. Manglitz, John F. Hermanussen, Walter R. Akeson, Henry Stevens, Johnny M. Perdue, James M. Schalk. Not shown - - - - Warren T. At yeo, J erold H. L. Bell, Jon J. Rhine.

GRADUATE STUDENTS Row 1, L. to R. - Khogali Ahmed, David L. Keith, J. Derril Munson, Saad Elfaki, George Salama, John L. Wedberg. Row 2, L. to R. - Phil Lindekugel, Chong K. Park, David W. Ribble, Paul C. Peterson, Fathi Hommeida. Row 3, L. to R. - Md. Mansoor Ahmad, Gary L. Beland, Thomas , R. Dean, M. Douglas Cates, Abdel Zarroug, Mohammed Ali, A. A. Abdalla. Not shown - - - - William P. Jansen, Robert C. Keefer, Ralph M. Priest, Jr.

CURRENT RESEARCH PROJECTS Biology, Ecology and Control of the Stable Fly - Calvin M. Jones / Relation of Insects to the Transmission and Epidemiology of Plant Diseases - Robert Staples and W. B. Allington / Sweetclover Weevil Investigations - George Manglitz / Biology of the Sweetclover Aphid and Development of Resistance in Sweetclover to this Insect - George Manglitz / Biology, Ecology and Control of the European Corn Borer - Jon Rhine and R. E. Hill / Biology, Ecology and Economics of Noctuidae - Kenneth P. Pruess / Effects of Visible Spectrum Irradiation on Growth and Development in Several Species of Insects - Harold J. Ball / Investigations of Field Bean Insects with Emphasis on the Western Bean Cutworm, Loxagrotis albicosta - A. F. Hagen / Maintenance of Marketability of Stored Grain Through Control of Insects and Rodents - Ahmed Kadoum, H. J. Ball and stuart Nelson / Biology and Control of Insect Pests Affecting Livestock and Man - Calvin M. Jones / Factors Influencing the Distribution and Abundance of Grasshoppers in Nebraska - K. P. Pruess and R. E. Hill / Investigations of Legume and Grass Insects - G. R. Manglitz, S. D. Kindler and J. M. Schalk / Field and Laborator,y Investigations of Insecticides - A. F. Hagen, G. T. Weekman, H. J. Ball and R. Staples / Biology, Ecology and Control of Corn Rootworms - G. T. Weekman / Use of Attractants, Repellents and Sterility Agents for Insect Control - H. J. Ball / Factors Affecting the Role of Microorganisms in the Biological Control of Insect Pests - Staff / Migration of Aphids and Noctuids - K. P. Pruess

COURSES CURRENTLY OFFERED IN ENTOMOLOGY 9. Beekeeping (2 cr II) Mr. Walstrom 101. Introduction to Entomology (3 cr I, II) Mr. Pruess 200. Insect Taxono~ (4 cr) Mr. At yeo 201. Insect Physiology (3 cr) Mr. Ball 203. Taxono~ of Immature Insects (3 cr) Mr. At yeo 205. History and Literature of Entomology (2 cr) Mr. Hill 206. Insect Ecology (3 cr) Mr. Hill 207. Medical Entomology (3 cr) Mr. At yeo 208. Insects Affecting Plants and Animals (3 cr I) Mr. Staples 209. Insect Morphology (3 cr) Mr. At yeo 2lls. Field Entomology (1-2 cr, max 4) Mr. At yeo, Mr. Ball 225. Insect Transmission of Plant Pathogens (Bot 225) (3 cr) Mr. Boosalis, Mr. Staples 291. Special Problems in Entomology (1-6 cr I, II, SS) Staff 300. Insect Toxicology (3 cr) Mr. Staples 301. Acarology (3 cr) Mr. At yeo 303. Research in Entomology (1-12 cr) Staff 305. Seminar (1 cr per sem, max 8 cr) Mr. At yeo, Mr. Ball, Mr. Hill, Mr. Manglitz, Mr. Pruess, Mr. Staples 306. Principles of Systematic Entomology (3 cr) Mr. Pruess 307-308. Thesis Course in Entomology (cr arranged) Mr. At yeo, Mr. Ball, Mr. Hill, Mr. Pruess, Mr. Staples, Mr. Weekman





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