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When the last Newsletter was published in 1976 (No.4), it was assumed that it would be followed by another In 4 or 5 years. And indeed, considerable effort has been expended on the production of No.5. However, for various very good reasons No.5, although close to publication several times, aborted several times. Now largely because this is the centennial year of our Department, we feel that we can wait no longer. Because of that fact, the format of this Newsletter will be slightly different from those in the past. We have the "news" that you furnished about yourselves 5 or 6 years ago but because it is now so old and because we are ashamed to ask for an update without showing some good faith on our part, No.5 Is planned to be published in two parts. In this, Part One, we will try to give you a thumbnail sketch of what has happened to us in the past 12 years. Toward the end of Part One you will find a questionnaire which we would greatly appreciate having returned to us promptly. The returns will form the basis for Part Two (which we hope to have in your hands by the end of this year) and allow us to find out what you have been up to as well as allowing you to transmit that information to each other. We owe a debt of gratitude to Dave Keith, who was Newsletter Chair at the time of his departure to assume the role of Team Leader of the MIAC project in Morocco. Even though Dave didn't quite get a Newsletter together, he left a good base and made our job easier. The years have been kind to us even though they have brought considerable change. We trust that the same is true with all of you. So, with these simple greetings I begin Part One of Entomology Newsletter NO.5. George R. Manglitz Chair, Department Newsletter Committee

This Fifth Newsletter of the Department of Entomology is Sincerely Dedicated to our recent emeriti Jerold H. L. Bell Robert E. Roselle Elvis A. Dickason Lloyd W. Andersen Robert Staples in Appreciation of their Long and Distinguished Service and is presented In Memoriam to Roscoe E. Hill who continued to serve us in retirement until his death on December 3, 1987


PRESENT FACUl TV AND STAFF Faculty Andersen, Uoyd W., Assoc. Professor Emeritus, formerly IPM Coord. Ball, Harold J., Professor, Insect Physiology Baxendale, Frederick P., Asst. Professor, Turf Insects Bell, Jerold, Adjunct Asst. Professor Emeritus, USDA-APHIS Campbell, John B., Professor, West Central Res. & Ext. Center, North Platte, livestock Insects Danielson, Stephen D., Asst. Professor, Forage Insects Dickason, E. A., Professor Emeritus, Former Head Dix, Mary Ellen, Adjunct Assoc. Professor, USDA-FS, Forest Insects Godfrey, Larry, Research Assoc., Corn Insects Gold, Roger E., Professor, former Head, presently Interim Director, Water Center (Asst. Dean of the Ag Research Div. & Coop. Ext. Ser.) Hagen, Arthur F., Assoc. Professor, Survey Coord., West Central Res. & Ext. Center, North Platte Harrell, Mark, Courtesy Asst. Professor, Dept. of Forestry, Fisheries, and Wildlife, Tree Pests Hein, Gary L., Asst. Professor, Panhandle Res. & Ext. Center, Scottsbluff, Small Grain Insects Holtzer, Thomas 0., Former Assoc. Professor, Corn Insects Joern, Anthony, Courtesy Assoc. Professor, School of Biological Sciences, Insect Ecology Jones, J. Ackland, Assoc. Professor, Ornamental Insects Kamble, Shripat T., Courtesy Assoc. Professor, Environmental Programs, Pesticide Assessment Keith, David L., Professor, Team Leader MIAC/Morocco Project, Settat, Morocco Kramer, Wayne, Adjunct Asst. Professor, Nebraska Department of Health, Medical Entomology Manglitz, George R., Adjunct Professor, USDA-ARS, Forage Insects Mayo, Z B, Professor, Acting Head, Insect Genetics Meinke, Lance J., Asst. Professor, Soil Arthropods Pasek, Judith E., Adjunct Asst. Professor, Forest Insects, USDA-FS Peters, Leroy, Professor, South Central Res. & Ext. Center, Clay Center,Stored Grain Insects Petersen, James J., Adjunct Professor, livestock Insects, USDA-ARS Pruess, Kenneth P., Professor, Aquatic Insects Ratcliffe, Brett C., Courtesy Assoc. Professor, Nebraska State Museum, Curator of Insects Roselle, Robert E., Professor Emeritus, former Extension Entomologist Staples, Robert, Professor Emeritus, Small Grain Insects - Virus Vectors Thomas, Gustave D., Adjunct Professor, USDA-ARS, livestock Insects Walstrom, Clifford J., Instructor, Apiculture Witkowski, John F., Professor, Northeast Res. & Ext. Center, Concord, Corn and Soybean Insects Wright, Robert J., Asst. Professor, IPM Coordinator

SupPOrt Staff Barnhart, Michael, Corn Insects Berkebile, Dennis, livestock Insects, USDA-ARS BoxJer, Dave, West Central Res. & Ext. Center, North Platte Brown, James F., Corn Insects Dukes, Terrance L,lnsectary Shop Kalisch, James A., extension Technologist Jarvi, Keith J., Northeast Res. & Ext. Center, Concord KJasna, M. Jean, Accounting Clerk II McKee, Kitti R., Extension Secretary II Mullahey, Jane, Secretary II Ogg, Clyde, Urban Insects Seymour, Ronald C., West Central Res. & Ext. Center, North Platte Silberman, Usa, Insect Genetics Skoda, Steve, livestock Insects, USDA-ARS Spomer, Steve, Corn Insects Stevens, Henry J., Jr., Forage Insects, USDA-ARS Weidner, Marilyn A., Secretary III

Graduate Students Appel, larry, * (Advisor: John campbell) Berkebile, Dennis, ** (Advisor: Gustave Thomas) Byers, Matt, ** (Co-Advisors: Shripat Kamble and John Witkowski) catangui, Mike, ** (Advisor: John campbell) Clopton, Richard, * (Advisor: Roger Gold) Darrow, Pat, ** (Co-Advisors:John Witkowski and Walter Stroup, Biometrics) Davis, Bob, * (Advisor: Shripat Kamble) Ellis, Marion, ** (Co-Advisors: George Manglitz & Fred Baxendale) Hanner, Krista, * (Advisor: lance Meinke) Hariharan, Mangala, * (Advisor: John Witkowski) Helms, Jeff, * (Advisor: John Witkowski) Jameson, Mary, * (Advisor: Brett Ratcliffe) Jarvi, Keith, ** (Advisor: John Witkowski) Ogg, Clyde, * (Advisor: Roger Gold) Paustian, John, * (Advisor: Fred Baxendale) Pawson, Barry, ** (Advisor: James Petersen) Peitzmeier, Barbara, * (Advisor: John campbell) Seymour, Ron, ** (Advisor: John campbell) Sivakumaran, * (Advisor: Z B Mayo) Skoda, Steve, ** (AdVisor: Gustave Thomas Stamm, Dennis, ** (Advisor: Z B Mayo) Uscian, John, * (Advisor: Z B Mayo) , Watson, David Wes, ** (Advisor: James Petersen) Weissling, Tom, ** (Co-Advisors: lance Meinke & Z B Mayo) Zhu, Xiaolong, ** (Advisor: Ken Pruess)

Department Faculty. [Front row I. to r.] Dave Keith (now in Morocco), Dean Kindler (recently transferred by USDA to Oklahoma), Ackland Jones, Gus Thomas, Shripat Kamble, Brett Ratcliffe, Roger Gold (now Interim Director, Water Center), Z B Mayo (Acting Head) [Back row I. to r.] Mary Ellen Dix, Lance Meinke, George Manglitz, R.E. Hill (Deceased), Ken Pruess, Hal Ball, Jim Petersen, Fred Baxendale, Tom Holtzer (now Dept. Head at Colo. State Univ.), and Steve Danielson. [NOT PICTURED - Uoyd Andersen, Jerry Bell, Jack Campbell, E.A. Dickason, Larry Godfrey, Art Hagen, Mark Harrell, Gary Hein, Tony Joern, Wayne Kramer, Judy Pasek, Leroy Peters, Bob Roselle, Cliff Walstrom, and Bob Wright].

Department Office Staff (I. to r.) Jean Klasna, Kitti McKee, Betty Meyers, Jane Mullahey, and Marilyn Weidner. Department Technical Staff (I. to r.) [Front] Steve Skoda, Ron Seymour, Jim Kalisch, Clyde Ogg, [Back] Dennis Berkebile, Mike Barnhart, Mark Brill (resigned), Keith Jarvi, and Terry Dukes. [NOT PICTURED - Dave Boxler, Jim Brown, Lisa Silberman, Steve Spomer, and Henry Stevens]

Graduate Students (I. to r.) [Front] Jeff Helms, Wes Watson, Siva Sivakumaran, Judy Pasek, Pat Darrow, Jim Berry (now USDA, Bozeman, MT), Mangala Hariharan, [Back] Frank Shotkoski, Barry Pawson, Mary Liz Jameson, Matt Byers, and Jill Heintz. [NOT PICTURED - Larry Appel, Mike Catangui, Rich Clopton, Bob Davis, Marion Ellis, Krista Hanner, John Paustian, Barb Peitzmeier, Dennis Stamm, John Uscian, Tom Weissling and Xiaolong Zhu]

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