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Vision and Refuge Essays on the Literature of the Great Plains, edited by Virginia Faulkner with Frederick C. Luebke. (1982) Published by the University of Nebraska Press for the Center for Great Plains Studies, UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA-LINCOLN, pp. vii-viii.


SEVEN OF THE EIGHT ESSAYS in this volume were prepared originally for the first and second annual symposia sponsored by the Center for Great Plains Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Those by Barbara Meldrum, John Milton, Paul Reigstad, and Bernice Slote were presented at the conference on "The Cultural Heritage of the Plains," held in April 1977; the essays by Chester Fontenot, Tomas Rivera, and Dorothy Burton Skardal were prepared for the symposium on "Ethnicity on the Great Plains," held a year later. The contribution by Paul Olson was written especially for this volume. Selected essays from the 1977 and 1978 symposia exclusive of those treating literary topics have already been published in The Great Plains: Environment and Culture (1979), and Ethnicity on the Great Plains (1980), both of which I edited, the former with Brian W. Blouet. These volumes brought together work by scholars in history, geography, anthropology, archeology, sociology, and folklore.