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Fall 1987


Published in Journal of the Midwest Modern Language Association, Vol. 20, No. 2 (Autumn,1987), pp. 41-42. Copyright © 1987 Midwest Modern Language Association. Used by permission.


During his all too brief career before his death in 1983, Warren Wooden published a wide variety of important pieces on many aspects of reading literature to explore the social and cultural contexts of the English Renaissance. One of his major interests was children's literature. Jeanie Watson has brought together nine of his essays on this subject in a beautifully edited and produced volume. Two of these essays had never been published; some others had appeared in journals and conference proceedings not readily available. Not only does this collection make these essays more accessible, but by reading them together and seeing the connections between them, we can perceive much more clearly the dimensions and the significance of the field of children's literature. Children's Literature of the English Renaissance aids us in learning more about the nature of childhood in late medieval/early modern England. ... [It] is a beautifully written and edited collection. The comprehensive notes that accompany each essay are very helpful for those wishing to pursue the subject further. This book will be of value not only to those who specialize in children's literature, but to anyone interested in the literature and culture of late medieval/early modern England.

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