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Carlson, D., Gaar, K., Zhang, J., Maciejewski, L., & Ramesh, G. (2019). Challenges and Applications of a Modern Cross Platform Mobile Software Development Process. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright David Carlson, Kaleb Gaar, Jessee Zhang, Lauren Maciejewski, and Gauri Ramesh 2019.


Today's world of technology calls for development that is faster, better, more secure, more efficient and more flexible. Our team explored the modern software development process in the context of these challenges from start to finish. Tasked by our sponsor with creating a product that engages college students with another one of their products, we began with research into what would achieve this goal. We discovered three core pillars that our application would accomplish - to inform, motivate, and connect the user. We continued the development process by creating minimum viable products related to these ideas and iterating on them through frequent testing and updating. In the course of refining this product, we worked through many creative and technical processes and challenges including team dynamics and roles, communication, technology choice, and agile development with broad user testing. The greatest challenge of our project was the reconciliation of Gallup’s ideative approach with our product-based development. However, the end product satisfied all affiliated parties as a near-fully-fledged cross platform mobile application that achieved our three pillars of inform, motivate, and connect through the many features implemented and many more documented.