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Polivanov, K., Ramesh, G., Smith, J., Wolff, R., & Wright, M., 2020. Technology for Social Good: Building a Health Literacy Platform. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Khristina Polivanov, Gauri Ramesh, Jessica Smith, Ryan Wolff, Megan Wright 2020.


Technological innovations have recently started to enter the education space, reinventing how and where students can learn. Our team was posed with an interesting challenge by the Academy of Child and Family Wellbeing at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, which was to create a web-based, self-paced curriculum developed to address concepts related to health literacy for secondary students with high-incidence disabilities. We acted as technology consultants by developing a reliable, accessible, and scalable platform to provide engaging content to students and relevant data to teachers and researchers. The three large pillars of this project are as follows: developing modules, implementing single-sign-on (SSO) for Lincoln Public Schools, and implementing data analytics. Throughout the course of this project, the team developed project management and creative processes, and worked through challenges in choosing the right system and building the right content for students with disabilities. The team also worked to create a robust handoff process so our stakeholders can easily use the product after the project is over. The end product has satisfied the stakeholder's initial requirements and will be rolled out as a pilot test in Lincoln Public Schools health classes soon.