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Jones, R., Fitzgerald, S., Guo, D., Ladd, J., & Clausen, E. 2020. CSG: Creating Tools to Assist Clients in Moving From Oracle to Snowflake. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Reid Jones, Sean Fitzgerald, Daniel Guo, Jared Ladd, Emma Clausen 2020.


This year-long project focuses on creating two tools for CSG to assist them in their transition from an Oracle Exadata database to a cloud-based Snowflake database. The first tool is a web site with a dashboard displaying tables and charts containing data about the SQL queries still active on the Exadata system. The second tool is a command-line application that detects Oracle-specific keywords in SQL queries and attempts to make partial translations for certain common Oracle SQL keywords. By combining these tools, the team has created a dashboard that will ease CSG's transition to a cloud-based database.