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Spring 3-2020

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Dexter, Lydia. Supporting the Development of Communicative Competence and Pronunciation Skills in Language Teaching: From Past to Future with Technology. Honors Undergraduate Thesis, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. May 2020.


Copyright Lydia Dexter 2020.


For the first part of my thesis, I will review communicative language teaching, and the literature associated with developing speaking proficiency (which includes pronunciation skills) as well as the use of technology to support these endeavors (which includes review of a newer, emerging technology platform - immersive virtual reality). The second part of the thesis is a review of a beginner level textbook, examining a chapter that is used in a lower-level Spanish language class for English speakers, in order to see how speaking and pronunciation skills are being developed (and how well they are supported), even at the most basic level. The third part of my thesis is experiential, and I will examine and assess (from my own perspective as a Spanish learner) immersive social virtual reality as an emerging technology tool for the purpose of developing speaking and pronunciation skills. I will discuss my own conclusions from this experience and how virtual reality can be used for language learning at various levels. This thesis will therefore allow me to research a topic of importance to language learners, and it also allows me to take a more experiential approach in exploring a new platform in language education.