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Capps, D., Khatiwada, A., Wright, M., Wright, B., Hermanek, T., & Kovar, M. 2021. Cloud Framework Manager and Notification System. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Daryn Capps 2021


The 2020-2021 Design Studio project for OpsCompass, an Omaha-based cloud management, and security software company, centered on two major projects: a cloud framework manager and a notification system. The cloud framework manager operates inside the existing OpsCompass framework. Cloud frameworks are sets of security and compliance standards for companies storing data in the cloud. The framework manager allows users to view these frameworks and understand how they apply to their use of the cloud. The framework manager also assists with adding new frameworks to a user's admin account. The design studio team developed a roadmap for the project and completed some of the implementation before handing it off to OpsCompass. The second major project the team was tasked with was a notification system. The system needed to receive alerts from the OpsCompass system and relay them to messaging systems used in business like Slack and Microsoft Teams. The team developed software that handles filtering alerts, configuring notification settings, and sending messages. This software operates entirely in the Microsoft Azure cloud, meaning the code for filtering and sending messages is serverless. The team completed the implementation of the filtering and configuration elements of the system as well as a message sender which works with a slackbot to send notifications directly to a Slack channel. This system is designed to be used with different messaging systems, although the implementation for this was not completed by the design studio team. At the end of the second semester of Design Studio, the team's notification system was able to receive alerts from the OpsCompass system, filter information based on a user's notification configuration, and successfully send notifications to the associated Slack channel.