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Wilton, Clare. (2021). Interdisciplinary Collaboration Between Pre-service Teachers and Speech-Language Pathology Students.


Copyright Clare Wilton 2021.


Although collaboration between professionals in education is often considered a legal mandate through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (2004) as well as the best practice for students, many pre-service teachers do not have the opportunity to collaborate with professionals outside of other pre-service teachers (Wilson, 2017, Hernandez, 2013, Mccartney, 1999). The importance of interdisciplinary collaboration is explored through a brief literary review of the importance of collaboration and the barriers to collaboration in a school setting as well as a case study of collaboration between a preservice Special Education teacher and a Graduate Speech-Language Pathology Student at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln’s Barkley Speech Language and Hearing Center, a Speech-Language Clinic.