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Fall 10-22-2020

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Snyder, N. 2020. New Method of Pulsed Electric Current Welding of Austenitic Steels. Undergraduate Honors Thesis, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Nathan Snyder 2021.


In the current times, there is a fast-growing need for more power and energy to meet the demands of people of the communities. This calls for large scale power generation. Any of the large-scale power generation such as hydro-electric dams, coal plants, and nuclear power have extreme stress environments for their structural components. Another important high stress environment on structural components is space exploration. These environments are crucial to the knowledge and well-being of the society. It is very important that the structural components of these applications do not fail, which can lead to failure of an in-depth project, valuable losses, and/or danger to the public’s safety. From the following experimental analysis, this method had a good interface between the weld and solid surface, uniform element distribution, exhibited a maximum hardness of 397.8 HV (3.90 GPa), and a low porosity of less than 0.1%. This honors thesis reviews a solid-state joining process of electric pulsed welding that, in the early testing stage shows promising results in joint interface, hardness, and element distribution for applications in high stress environments.