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Miller, Brent. 2020. GreenField Agriculture, Project Planning for a Business in the Industrial Hemp Industry. Undergraduate Honor Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Brent Miller 2020.


GreenField Agriculture (GreenField Ag) will develop a comprehensive, full-service agricultural entity that will operate in the industrial hemp industry. GreenField Ag will service farmers primarily in the Midwest, with full-expansion reach to all major industrial hemp producing states. Upon full expansion, GreenField Ag will be a near-fully integrated business, with ownership in the entire crop transformation process, outside of crop production. Farmers will realize both forward-facing and back-end services. GreenField Ag will have four primary operational units: brokering/merchandising, crop genetics, agronomic support, and processing.

GreenField Ag will become the premier, full-service farmer-focused industrial hemp company in the Midwest. Through dedicated services, farmers will realize increased productivity, operational efficiency, and agronomic skills. GreenField Ag will provide farmers the resources they need to succeed in the industrial hemp industry, while simultaneously developing the market’s infrastructure in Nebraska and the greater Midwest.