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Fall 10-23-2021

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Gugel, Grace. A Curriculum of Acceptance. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. October 2021.


Copyright Grace Gugel 2021.


The Curriculum of Acceptance is a curriculum designed specifically for the middle school classroom (ages 11-14) that focuses on elevating marginalized voices. The curriculum consists of a semester’s worth of content including one hundred lesson plans for a twenty-week course. This course is designed to serve as an English Language-Arts elective that could realistically be used within LPS or OPS. Over the twenty weeks of this imagined elective course, four young adult novels will be introduced and taught. The course consists of twenty formative and four summative assessments informed by the 2021 Nebraska ELA State Standards. The focus of the course is to introduce students to multiple perspectives through YA anchor texts and a variety of related activities to help students develop empathy and a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives and experiences.