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Johnson, K., Lenneman, Q., MacDonald, R., Rogers, M., & Wingerter, B. 2021. Design Studio: Tigerpaw Mobile App Remake. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Mary Rogers, Robyn MacDonald, Quinn Lenneman, Kolby Johnson, Benjamin Wingerter 2021.


The Tigerpaw team was tasked with upgrading Tigerpaw's existing app. Tigerpaw is a company that provides software to technicians that travel to homes or businesses to complete work, such as electricians or plumbers. This mobile app had three major problems our team had the task of solving: the user interface was several decades old and not satisfying the customers, so it needed an upgrade, Tigerpaw's customers had no way to prove their technicians were where they said they were if their timesheet was ever called into question, homeowners and business owners wanted notice of the arrival of their technicians.