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Becker, K., Gite, N., Karkazis, L., Moore, L., Wolff, R., Clare, K. 2021. Community Insights. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska - Lincoln.


Copyright Kylie Becker, Nirmitee Gite, Lexie Karkazis, Lilly Moore, Ryan Wolff, Clare Kramper 2021.


With the rise of technology-driven healthcare and the rise of healthcare consumerism, healthcare systems are increasingly overwhelmed by a high number of consumer, patient, and employee information systems. Managing and consolidating these information sources can become a costly endeavor and operationalizing new processes can be burdensome only to receive a negligible amount of value as a result of their effort. Community Insights aims to make it more efficient for health systems to forge partnerships with an engaged digital community to test innovations, strategies, and processes. The Community Insights Dashboard that we have built enables NRC’s customers to quickly group their consumers and patients into targeted communities, relieving the significant time strain often necessary to find and gather information for the appropriate participants for particular studies of organizational performance and consumer satisfaction evaluation. Also from the dashboard, users are given the capabilities to launch pre-configured studies to individual segments and access the results and findings of past studies, ultimately enabling healthcare systems to begin researching strategies, testing hypothetical processes soliciting consumer feedback in a fraction of the time previously required.