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Reyes, S. 2022. A Statistical Analysis of Long-term Exposure to Terrorism and Its’ Impact on the Psychological Effects of the Viewers: Contradictory Results to Previous Sensitization vs. Habituation Literature. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Sarah Reyes 2022.


The study of psychological effects due to long-term viewing of terrorism has been studied in recent literature such as Hoffman (2020). Two schools of thought exist, sensitization and habituation, with recent literature supporting habituation outcomes. This paper adds to this literature by considering the variable of intergenerational trauma through analyzing people’s real-world experiences with the phenomenon of terrorism. The question asked is if habituation would occur after experiencing repeated acts of terrorism in one’s home country and how one’s sense of personal security is affected. Regressions for this study produced results that contradicted the results of Hoffman (2020), likely due to the exclusion of people’s history with trauma and the exclusive laboratory setting of the latter study.