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Spring 3-10-2022

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Cathcart, Alexander. F.E.E.T: A New Tool in Hockey Analytics. Undergraduate Honors Thesis, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 2022.


Copyright Alexander Cathcart 2022.


The past decade has seen a paradigm shift in how winning hockey teams are constructed in the NHL. Long gone are the days of exclusively using skill and grit to defeat your opponent on the ice. Analytics have made their way into front offices around the league and have drastically changed the power dynamic of the NHL. CORSI, a statistic that tracks number of shot attempts, has become the gold standard in hockey analytics. However, there are flaws in how it predicts success on the ice. F.E.E.T, an acronym standing for Faceoffs, Entries with possession, Exits with possession, and Turnovers, is a cumulative statistic that offers better insights into what drives success in the game of hockey. Using three full seasons of NHL team data, a randomly selected 10 game sample from the current season, and Markov process techniques, we will show the advantage F.E.E.T offers over CORSI in the field of predictive sports analytics.