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Spring 3-2022

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Chavez, Lizbeth. Building a Narrative: Production Art from Popular Culture. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. May 2022.


Copyright Daniela Chavez 2022.


I assisted the Eisentrager-Howard Gallery Director, Emma DeVries, in researching and developing content for the exhibition Building a Narrative: Production Art from Popular Culture to fulfill the requirements of a Senior Honors Project. The written/interpretative content I developed will be used as gallery text in the EHG when the exhibition opens in the Summer of 2022. I specifically wrote the exhibition’s introductory statement, which explains the exhibition’s main subject, goals, concept, and themes; eight section texts that address the main topics and themes, unify groups of objects, and divide the gallery space into more digestible areas for the audience to understand and learn from; and three sub-sections for one of the exhibition’s sections. Building a Narrative showcases original production art from popular culture in television and film from the collection of visual effects artist Trent Claus, with supporting multimedia elements and objects, including the lunch box collection of Clay Smith from Speedway Motors Museum of American Speed, a video mural created by students from Emerging Media Arts, and a Saturday Mornings installation. The exhibition seeks to inform audiences about the development of production art and its creative process. It also explores the multi-dimensional format of film and television and the impact video media and storytelling have on popular culture and personal narratives. Building a Narrative questions: How does popular culture shape identities? Do audiences connect across generations through tv and film media? Through this project, both connected to traditional research, but also a creative, I have been able to build on my years of coursework in the School of Art, Art History, and Design (especially my art history classes and the Gallery management course) and develop knowledge and kills that are invaluable in the field of Museum Studies and Art History.