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Spring 2022

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Rolfe, J. 2022. Female Ties: A Case Study on Family Planning Options and Their Implications with a Focus on Their Effect in the Female Body. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Jennifer Rolfe 2022.


This case study examines the process in which both the patient and physician undergo when selecting the proper birth control method for a female who has been misdiagnosed in the past. When it comes to this process in real life, it can be frustrating for female patients to be a “quick diagnosis” and have the diagnosis taken away later in her reproductive life. This case study follows Emily, a young college student, as she seeks a new birth control option since her current method no longer fits her lifestyle. Throughout this case, there will be a narrative created to show how Emily was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome at a young age and hoe her options of birth control have changed due to the misdiagnosis. There will be a series of “Stop and think” questions throughout the case that will encourage students to assess Emily’s current situation in the case to see if there were any other suggestions or steps in her process that could have been made. There is also supplemental information sections regarding female reproductive anatomy, the phases of a menstrual cycle, and the history and methods of birth control. Overall, this case study can be utilized as a teaching tool for professors teaching classes in physiology, pathophysiology, or medical history in order to promote a greater understanding to students about how female reproduction and birth control processes in an interactive manner.