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Anderson, T., Braccia, T., Collins, A., Green, G. & Lohrman, B. 2022. Building Efficiency Platform Phase II. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Tate Anderson, Benjamin Lohrman, Tommy Braccia, Gracyn Green, & Austin Collins 2022


The Olsson Building Use Efficiency Platform Phase II builds off of last year’s Olsson Design Studio project. The Building Use Efficiency Platform is a way for Olsson to study and analyze how buildings are used and to provide solutions for using space more efficiently and cutting costs. In short, the product consists of a sensor hub and a web application. The hub collects building data from sensors and uploads it to a database so it can be viewed on the Building Use Efficiency dashboard website. The problems that Olsson presented the team with this year were that the device required internet to function, the website did not have many administrative features, and the data visualization could be improved. The Design Studio team this year set out to solve these problems to enhance the product for Olsson. Development was split into three main areas: hardware/offline usage, administrative features, and data visualization improvement. Throughout the year, all the team members worked on different aspects of these problems, but each member had a defining feature that they took ownership of. Through the past two semesters of development and frequent communication with Olsson, the team created a new version of the product that satisfies all of the problems presented by Olsson.