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Kennedy, M., Kennedy, L., Botkin, A., Randall, G., & Samway, B. 2022. Nelnet Consulting Project. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Because we were privy to sensitive company information, Nelnet required us to sign a nondisclosure agreement at the beginning of the project. As such, we are legally restricted from discussing the details of our project with any outside parties.

Copyright Marcus Kennedy, Landon Kennedy, Alex Botkin, Gage Randall, Ben Samway 2022.


Nelnet, Inc. (Nelnet) approached the Nebraska Business Honors Academy seeking assistance researching a potential new business venture. Our group explored opportunities in the market Nelnet is considering entering, examined various types of innovation, and engaged in the creative design thinking process. To form the basis of our recommendation, we met with professionals in the related industry, Nelnet employees, and faculty at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Our final task involved recording a presentation on our recommendation to Nelnet concerning this new business opportunity, accompanied by a final report summarizing our proposal. Through this project, we learned how to develop innovative ideas and communicate those ideas to leaders within the company.