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Spring 5-10-2022

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Djingueinabaye, Salman. The Freeman Preparatory Program: Software Design and Development of a Medical Application. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. May 2022.


Copyright Salman Djingueinabaye 2022.


Patient preparation has long been acknowledged as a strong way to improve the outcome of medical procedures. Unfortunately, there exists a gap in this space that forces doctors and nurses to do additional work and often leads patients to inconsistent and often subpar medical advice. By utilizing methods of imagery and musical relaxation proven to psychologically prepare patients for a variety of medical procedures, the Freeman Preparatory Program is tackling this problem. This report focuses on the design, and development of the Freeman Preparatory Program’s Progressive Web Application using the Agile development framework. The goal was to build an interactive application and website where patients can access the Freeman Preparatory Program content. This would remove the bureaucratic roadblocks of sending out patient information, and poor communication channels. The Freeman Preparatory Program can provide a smooth and same day experience for patients on a variety of medical procedures. It also allows administrators to manage the content of the application as well as connect health organizations to it. The content of the application will be a mixture of audio, text, and video specifically created by Dr. Shelley Freeman to reduce the stress and pain associated with medical procedures. It was built as a capstone project for Senior Design in the School of Computing.