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Spring 3-5-2023

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Van Hare, S. (2023). Managing the Uncontrollable: Understanding the Role of Reluctant Accommodation as a Moderator of the Effects of Political Difference on Familial Harmony. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska - Lincoln.


Copyright Sarah Van Hare 2023.


Increasing polarization of political identities in the United States has negative effects on many relationships, including those in the family. Previous research has observed the function of communication behaviors as mediators or moderators of the effects of identity difference on outputs such as shared family identity, familial harmony, and relational satisfaction. In this study I examine the role of reluctant accommodation as a moderator of the effect of political difference on familial harmony. To do this, I utilize a survey taken by students (N = 598) at a large university in the United States. I find that reluctant accommodation amplifies the negative effect of level of difference and salience of identity difference on familial harmony. There is also support for considering reluctant accommodation as a moderator and not as a predictor of relational harmony as it’s significant effect on the outcome disappears once variables for political difference are controlled.